Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Happy New Year to everyone and I know that I am a whole twenty something days late but its better to say it than never.  I haven't been on here in a while but to recap!

I moved that is 75% of my absence - I moved into this ladies basement to save money during my last two semesters of school and I don't have internet access to my big computer but I did steal my boyfriend's brother's apple portable computer.  So, here I am FINALLY.

Oh yeah 15% after I finished my Fall semester second week into December.  I found out I was pregnant and have been working my booty off at the hospital until I started this new semester.

The other 10% well just no time with trying to figure things out and read out how to be the best pregnant mom to myself and my baby.

WELL with all that said - my boyfriend is way happier than me and you would think we won the lottery or something but I couldn't find a better person to start a family with.  For my 28th birthday or what I like to label as my 8th annual 21st birthday I will not be consuming my abnormal amounts of alcohol instead I will be sipping on my 1 part orange juice and 1 part water.  Yes, it will be in a martini glass looking like a wonderful spirit drink.  lol

My semester with school is the best and easiest supposedly - I will be having OB and Pediatrics!  Which is super since I'm pregnant and now I will know all the things not to do to cause harm to my baby once he or she is born.  lol

Super Cute for 10 weeks
10 Weeks at the gym still
Anyways, I look forward to posting again on here and I look forward to any advice anyone can give me.  I've been staying in the gym while pregnant and no morning sickness.  Taking my prenatal vitamins like I should.

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