Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bonding with my Sister over Magnetic Nail Polish by Nails Inc.

 I got my sister and I the Magnetic Nail Polish from Sephora by Nails Inc.  We love it.  Here are several pictures of us trying it out.  She already had her nails previously painted with gold.

You apply the color first then apply a second coat immediate hold the magnetic over the polish for 10 seconds and it creates the design.  Super love it.  I highly recommend shopping online if you can do it.  The shipping is what will bite you in your butt if you don't get enough items.  Thanks again.

Company: Nails Inc.
Cost: 7.00 online
Store:  Sephora Online
Color:  Whitehall
Lasting Power:  Color lasted for 6 days before chipping or peeling and she plays basketball and gymnastics.  Great and easy application and great bonding time.

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