Wednesday, January 23, 2013

3 Hair Product Review - Ouidad, Aussie, Organics

Product 1:  Ouidad Styling Mist    Cost: 4.99 at the Sephora location in Columbia, SC

Info from  A dual-purpose styling aid that provides control and definition.

What it does:
Ouidad Styling Mist Setting & Holding Spray combines long-lasting hold with freedom of movement. Achieve shiny curls that stay all day—sans the sticky or crunchy feeling.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Synthetic Dyes
- Phthalates
- GMOs
- Triclosan

What else you need to know:
Use this high-performance essential to hold a finished style in place or to set and secure strands as they dry. Jojoba oil and hydrolyzed wheat proteins impart a beautiful, healthy-looking shine.

My Experience:  

I personally wouldn't buy this product again.  It doesn't hold the curl like it says.  I use this product on my sew-in hair which is 100% HUMAN HAIR.  I notice I get more tangles using the product and it does have a better smell than most.  I wanted to try it because i thought it would be better for my hair since I get multiple uses out of it and wanted something that had an all day effect.


 Product 2:  Aussie Instant Freeze Extreme Hold  Cost: around 3:00 with tax at Walmart

My experience:  This has been the best hair holding spray i've found to hold my curl.  It doesn't tangle and it leaves the memory in the sew-in to the extent that if I go to sleep and place my hair in a pony tail and wrap it in a ball.  I still have some the curl from the previous day retained and it still looks thick and curly.  I typically style with the big barrel iron for volume and to get that extra sexy.  I love this hair spray and more than likely won't try anything else.  It doesn't tangle my sew-in hair which is important.  It pretty much keeps the hair in place.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND EVERYONE GIVING IT A TRY.

Sorry for the poor image quality I used my cell.

Product 3:  Organics Root Stimulator Edge Control   Cost: 5:49 at the Asian Hair Supply Store

My experience:  One of my friends recommended Edge Control since I don't get relaxers on my edges and couldn't make it to the beautician due to school.  My natural hair is a mixture of kinky in some areas and wavy in others.  I do have to use a generous amount in certain areas.  It does give you a fresh relaxer look but it is thick and I don't like the spread of it.  I feel like at first it gives you the desired look you won't but I'm not a huge fan of putting gels, glue type substances, and etc in my hair.  I don't recommend it for all day use - I feel that you will need to touch it up if you plan on being out all day.  I use this product maybe 5 times a month.  I have actually used it to help blend my hair with my sewin hair if I was doing a straight look.  I feel it is great for that.  This is not something that I personally wouldn't buy again but I did like the look.

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