Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pardon Me – Yes you get a load of this.

Hello World! 

I am so happy to start back doing what I love which is bring some interesting things to you the readers.  After a long thought process ( school and work kicking my butt)  I finally decided to cater my post to what I know, love, breath, like, and dislike.  There will be a variety and I will be eventually taking the blogger to a new address – to cater to everything but until then I will remember where it all started.

I did jump on the bandwagon of just buying things to write about and NOT REALLY testing them out! 

I’m hoping off the majority bus and having post about things that I actually test.  I know your thinking –  “ Wow that does make a lot of sense.” 

I hope you enjoy the ride and I can’t wait to share a lot of wonderful things that I’ve been doing that I know you will enjoy! 


Also, look out for my store!  You will be able to buy BRAND NEW and gently used items and the description will say it is and Get ready to be able to buy everything from Cosmetics to things for the man in your life.   



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