Sunday, September 9, 2012

I ♥ Med Spa’s – Meet Vanish PFB


Vanish PFB + Chromabright


Is a roll on non- sticky gel that I am in love with!  I went to The Facial Aesthetic Center of Columbia  located at 3304 Millwood Ave - Columbia, South Carolina 29205  - Phone:  1 (803) 254-5484  for a consult on treatments for my skin and a lipo procedure.  After speaking with the skin care professional, Renee McCord/Operations Manager/Licensed Esthetics Instructor - I walked out with this amazing purchase.  I paid $22.00 which was a special they had going IMG_1150on at the moment.  I love this product and I’ve been using it for a month.

What it says it does:

Skin Brightening

Ingrown Hair Relief

Waxing/Razor Bumps

Cool Blue Roll on

For Men and Women

Results may take up to 2 months.




What it has been doing AMAZING at for me!

Lighten the skin between my thighs dramatically and Ingrown hair episodes that happen on my next are now a beautiful thing of the past.  I use it on my bikini area when I shave!  YES, SHAVE!  I promise I have no had 1 ingrown hair or ugly razor bump appearance.  My results started with in 2 to 3 weeks!!!!  I’m not sure exactly why it did that for me but I am very happy with this product.  The back of the bottle does state use it twice a day for dark spots – I did exactly that.


What you should know!

Yes, it burns if you have just freshly shaved and maybe nicked your skin for about a good 60 seconds.


I wouldn’t recommend applying fresh out the shower because I literally had to stand with my face in the freezer til it stopped stinging.  lol  Beauty is pain ( Just Kidding )

Your skin will slightly peel after a while wherever you use it.  Just simply take a damp wash cloth and buff that skin off.  I was red maybe for an hour then beautiful skin.  I had a dark spot on my neck from an ingrown hair that I picked out and this brought my skin back to normal.  I also had the same peel between my legs where my fat rubs at that created that dark area due to chaffing.  

Do not rub it in just roll it on and air dry.  I simply roll it on when I finish drying myself off and apply my body lotion and rituals before bed.

I didn’t feel any pain what so ever just that 60 second sting.

This is a Beauty Must!!


What is your beauty must have for correcting dark spots and ingrown hair?  Have your tried Vanish before?

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  1. Medspa is a good option for the ladies to make their skin younger than their age.


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