Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pre- Girls Night Out Social

Tomorrow I will be hosting my first Girls Night Out Social. The venue will be at a place called, “Sakitumi” and I reserved the dragon room. I am so excited and can’t wait this will be my tester to see if this is something that I absolutely want to keep doing. I love getting together and having just tons of laughs, food, and drinks with new and old associates/friends.


This is my way of showing appreciation to the ladies who responded when I first mentioned doing this social. For those nine lucky ladies, they will be getting the gift of beauty in a bag. So, what’s in my beauty bag? Everything fun, sassy, social, and full of life girl needs. lol well at least what I got for free and a few of my favorite items ( That’s a dose of reality for you. )

I would like to send a big Leilani Hug to my two Local Donors!

Inez White, Ardyss Consultant Mobile phone 803.513.2195

Have you every heard of Healthy Coffee? How about Body Magic?

She donated all these amazing Full-Size Healthy Coffee Packets all cappuccino flavored. You know how you can go to the Juice bars and add a shot of Heart Health, Fiber, or etc. Well imagine having that in your cabinet – There is one that targets Collagen; Weight Loss; Omega-3 + Ganodera; and Ganoderma+Artichoke. They taste great and they are SUPER Healthy!

She also donated some books about Body Magic which I am a proud owner of not 1 but 2. Its basically Spanex but BETTER and AFFORDABLE. I will do a review on my two.


She is the best she also donated the bags! Super Cute! Doesn’t hurt she’s my boyfriends mother!

Linda Steele

AVON’s Beauty Center

617 St. Andrews Rd Columbia, SC

Email Computer


Thanks for the Mark. and Avon Booklets and perfume samples!

What the ladies are getting from Yours Truly :)


One Coaster for each ladies wine glass.


2 mini bottles of my favorite adult beverage! I love Captain Morgan! I’m such a Rum Girl.

“ Drink Responsibly “


Everyone will get a Johnson’s and Johnson’s Melt Away Stress Lotion and one of either Pond’s facial wipes or Clean and Clear Facial Washes.


I uses to be a Mark and Avon Representative so they will all be getting some lip samples from me that I had stored away. .

Each lady will get either a make up brush, mirror, or eye curler.

Do you and your friends get together often. If so are they themed and what’s the best gift you ever gave or received? Do you think I did to much? Do you have any tips for making this better next time.

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