Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pre- Girls Night Out Social

Tomorrow I will be hosting my first Girls Night Out Social. The venue will be at a place called, “Sakitumi” and I reserved the dragon room. I am so excited and can’t wait this will be my tester to see if this is something that I absolutely want to keep doing. I love getting together and having just tons of laughs, food, and drinks with new and old associates/friends.


This is my way of showing appreciation to the ladies who responded when I first mentioned doing this social. For those nine lucky ladies, they will be getting the gift of beauty in a bag. So, what’s in my beauty bag? Everything fun, sassy, social, and full of life girl needs. lol well at least what I got for free and a few of my favorite items ( That’s a dose of reality for you. )

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Boyfriend Shirt and a Skirt for class :)


Happy Tuesday!  Here is what I wore today. 




Have you tried the Boyfriend look before?  How did you dress it up or down?  This is def a Repeat Look!

Pink Mondays–Oh My!

1339459921455  Enjoy my photos from Microbiology Lab I took these with my cell phone through the ocular piece.  Some of them almost go along with the theme. 

Which you see here


Wet N Wild Shine #402   Tickled Pink

It is very light and gives off that pastel Easter time pink.  I love it and can’t wait to wear it again!  I applied maybe 3 layers to get it to give me that nice full coverage.  I added a clear coat layer for that extra shine. 


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