Tuesday, May 29, 2012

: ) Happy Memorial Day! Past : )

I forgot to take a picture of the food and surroundings but I did get a few snaps of silly stuff. 

So, here's Recap 1. 



Had  BIO class Crying face Came home and I was kind of sad because there was no water activities.  Boyfriend started Google searching beach on lake Murray.  Then my boyfriend’s friend invited us on his boat Smile 

Women from Kenya, Africa, Playing Amazing Music!


Women from Kenya, Africa Check out that Hand Work!

When we got to Lake Murray we heard some amazing music coming from these group of women from Kenya.   They where amazing they sang, danced, and created the music.  Then it was boat time!  We went to this island where everyone goes to party.  I got to see some amazing HUGE houses. 

Recap 2-

I urinated in the woods twice and once with my boyfriend.  Scared to get in the lake because it was to many boats in one closed area.  I got to see a drunk guy shake his rump on the railing of the boat.  Then the storm came through for about 5 minutes.  imagejpeg_2_4


Note to self never wear this on a boat again.  Makes me look like a whale.





Sailing back to land the drinks was flowing through my veins.  Then I had to pee.  I stopped IMG_20120528_200546the boat and jumped off the side and went to letting my liquids go.  lol  ( TMI )  It was great.  Nothing like hanging on the side of the boat to use the bathroom.



                                          My Boyfriend getting his Titanic ON!



These girls made me laugh so much they are friends with the guy who’s boat we went on.






What did you do for Memorial Day?  Where is the most weird place you ever used the bathroom. 


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  1. glad you had a great time! cute coverup! i was in texas.


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