Monday, April 9, 2012

Super Haul Wet N Wild 15 items for 5.40

While I was visiting my mother we went by Walgreens in Myrtle Beach and guess what they I had to have.  You guessed it.  Everything  in the pictures below cost $ 0.69 each.  I def go some new pencils because guess what – makeup expires just like everything else so I def use my old pencils for other things. Out with the old in with the New.


IMG_20120409_232718From L to R:

1. Dream Poppy #429D

2. Sparked #435G

3. Wild Card #465

4. Tickled Pink  #402

5.  Caribbean Frost #446C


From L to R lip sticks:

IMG_20120409_2327401.  Breeze 547B

2.  Dark Pink Frost 502A

3.  Cherry Frost 514A




From T to B:

650D Purple Coloricon Eyeliner

651 Kohl Brow – Brow Pencil

659C Turquoise Kohl Eyeliner

654B Sky Blue – Eyeliner

154 Black Shimmer Eye Pencil

156 Blue Shimmer Eye Pencil

655 Charcoal Brow and Eye Pencil

Look for these colors in my future posts.


  1. Damn Chris! You racked up girl. I love Wet N Wild products. The quality is excellent. Love the color shades you got.

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  3. Like the lipstick and nail polishes....
    For the lipstick I like the red color one and for the nail polish color is the light and dark pink...

    Follow my blog at

  4. Wow what a bargain,I cant believe there all so cheap,love all the colours,Id buy them too and even more :D Loving the look of that sparkly polish!
    Glad I stumbled across your fab blog,following and I hope your having a lovely weekend x


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