Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rock N Republic - I'll rock you!

I was never the one into the rocker look but after seeing these shoes at Urban Threads and more. I went home googled the price then raced back the next day to pick these two amazing shoes up. Yes, I got them for extremely cheaper than listed on the internet. I have a new best kept secret in SC now. I did noticed they have a lot of designers that aren’t carried in the stores out here in SC in this store Kitson and etc. The cashier girl looked at me crazy when I was buying these and clearly let me know her point of view. She nice told me that these shoes are the type of shoes California girls wear not southern girls and that’s why they store couldn’t sell them. I nicely told her well great! Girls like me who’s family taught her to be well traveled just love these shoes and they designer that makes them. Guess I won’t be a carbon copy of the Southern Girl in SC. lol

Rock & Republic Strappy Chain-Detail Pump, Black

– priced $69.00 – 112.00

I paid 18.50

Rock & Republic Caged High-Heel, Black Priced at $99 –$100 online
I paid 18.50  


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