Friday, April 20, 2012

Kroger closing 55% off all make up


I got there late of course so everything was gone but a few lip sticks and foundations are left.  If you want me to pick you up some let me know and I will go and get them for you and mail them to you everything is about 3.00 and some change. 

Left: Covergirl 300 Flame

Right:Covergirl 350 Eternal


I accidently left the lipstick all the way up and it my tip.  I hate that look. 

Both went on smooth and had this creamy feel to them.  I am very in love with Flame. 





On the top lip is the Eternal


O the bottom lip is Flame111_0222



Revlon 006 Pink Sugar111_0231



This one is very sheer and has a little sparkle.  I applied it on my lips about 5 times to get this pink look.  I will def be careful when applying due to the flash actually brings the pigment out.


Flash also brought out my ash on my face.  Can you say Moisturizer.111_0232



Needed a new one I can’t wait to try this out.111_0233

I def hate the mascara I have now so I had to buy two new ones to see if they will give me a better application.  I can’t wait.

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  1. I Love Covergirl lipsticks!!! AMAZZZING! The color is perfection! I have flame and LOVVVVE IT!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


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