Monday, April 9, 2012

India inspired wear–Tip for saving thighs in that dress.


My mom got this super cute dress By:  India Boutique from Ross for 15.99.  Its actually a 2x and super stretchy but I bought it because I just love the pattern and I love dresses like this.  Last week she took me shopping for some new clothes and etc.  So, here is one of the dresses she got me I super love it.

Super thigh saver tip for all my curvy chicks.  I hate to feel my thighs rub together and it was nice and warm today in SC so me and the bf went to the roof top of Carolina Ale to grab lunch.  Well I wear the boy underwear long shorts under my maxi dresses.  It keeps the sweaty thigh feel away while I’m still feeling breezy.  Smile  underwear2_sm  they look like this but the cotton kind.  I got this picture from Google images. 

Here’s my look with no make up just MAC Lip Conditioner.  I’m starting to look like my grandma so much.  My mom got me these flip flops a couple of years ago from dollar general I think for like 50 cent

IMG_20120409_173647                      IMG_20120409_173622IMG_20120409_173633IMG_20120409_173815

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  1. Very cute dress girl and I love your flip flops! :D


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