Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hair Day

So, today was my hair day.  I typically wash my hair every 2 weeks depending on how greasy or heavy it starts to feel.  ( Yes, that’s correct 2 weeks).  I know some African American girls wash there hair several times a week since they are on a hair journey but I just think that’s a bit to much.  I like to stay with the techniques that my grandma and mother used on my hair to keep it healthy and strong when it comes to washing/managing.

Here is the product line up:

Sulfur 8 is new and I’m just trying it.  Read below to see what I think of the Sulfur and the rest of my products.


I wash my hair with all Elasta QP products currently.  I’ve tried almost all the typical black girl hair care products but Elasta QP has been my favorite for over 8 months now and I ♥ it!  ( Yes, it gets an actual heart instead of the word, lol).  My hair is relaxed and I haven’t had a relaxer in about 2 months or so now.  I’ve been doing pretty good by staying away from the crème crack that’s slang for Relaxer.   


                                                                 IMG_0627 Sulfur 8:  I will never use you again!

It doesn’t have the same smell as the grease that you can use on your scalp.  I haven’t used the grease since I was young since I now use the Jamaican Black Castro Oil on my scalp. 

Once I used this all over my scalp and hair and started to rinse it that’s when I start to have a mini-stroke.  My hair felt like a ball of wool.  I kept rinsing and the more I attempted to run my fingers through my hair the knotted it seem to keep getting.  So, I ran water over it and went straight to my normal, Elasta QP Shampoo for relaxed hair and it fixed my situation right away. 

I decide to try the Sulfur 8 since I do get a little scalp itch around my 4th to 5th day post-wash.



Elasta QP:  You will be here forever!

I love these two combinations.  My hair is always soft and detangled after using these two products even without the deep conditioner.  I love the smell that these products have.  My hair and scalp always feels clean and hydrated.  It doesn’t strip your hair at all. 

I think any race can benefit from this product combo.




  The back of the label states:  “ Rick in Protein, Vitamins, and Omega 3 & 6.  Organic Soy Oyl infuses natural moisturizers and conditioners deep into the hair helping restore strength, manageability, and shine.” 

So, you cover hair with this product and place a plastic cap on and sit under a warm dry for 5 to 15 minutes or if your hair is damaged then 25 minutes.  I have a hood dryer but today I didn’t feel like getting it out so I just wrapped a towel around the plastic cap. 







I always use a wide tooth comb to comb out any dead strands of hair and just to get my Deep Ultra Hydrating conditioner to the roots.  After my conditioner I rinse it out then wash with my conditioner then oil my scalp with my JBC Oil.  I Love Elasta QP products.



So, what are you favorite products?  Have you every tired Elasta QP.  I love my deep conditioner how about you?  What’s your favorite deep conditioner?











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  1. As someone with super curly hair, products with sulfur/sulfate in them are a no no. They strip your hair of so much stuff and causes it to be a mess. Once I cut that mess out, the frizzy bits went away and it was a lot more manageable.


    1. Thanks Tam for replying! Believe me, I won't ever be using it again. It felt like a birds nest.


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