Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Green with Envy…Look at that Bush

Studying all today and loving it ( not really but hey its has to get done).  Snapped a photo with the flash of my camera in doors and also went outside to catch some Vitamin D ( Sun ) and to just get in a nice brisk walk from reading.  The photos in front of the bush are all NO flash, just Sun Light… Beautiful. Have a great day ladies!  At the end of this post is a question hope my lovely readers get a chance to answer.


  Fingers:  Wet N Wild Shine 445C  - Caribbean Frost

Thumb:  AVON Nailwear Pro Nail enamel n903 – Jade




This is with the Flash of the camera.100_0238




These are all Natural sunlight.  Look at the bush envy my nails.. So green and vibrant.




Friday, April 20, 2012

Presentation Day.


Kroger closing 55% off all make up


I got there late of course so everything was gone but a few lip sticks and foundations are left.  If you want me to pick you up some let me know and I will go and get them for you and mail them to you everything is about 3.00 and some change. 

Left: Covergirl 300 Flame

Right:Covergirl 350 Eternal


I accidently left the lipstick all the way up and it my tip.  I hate that look. 

Both went on smooth and had this creamy feel to them.  I am very in love with Flame. 




Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rock N Republic - I'll rock you!

I was never the one into the rocker look but after seeing these shoes at Urban Threads and more. I went home googled the price then raced back the next day to pick these two amazing shoes up. Yes, I got them for extremely cheaper than listed on the internet. I have a new best kept secret in SC now. I did noticed they have a lot of designers that aren’t carried in the stores out here in SC in this store Kitson and etc. The cashier girl looked at me crazy when I was buying these and clearly let me know her point of view. She nice told me that these shoes are the type of shoes California girls wear not southern girls and that’s why they store couldn’t sell them. I nicely told her well great! Girls like me who’s family taught her to be well traveled just love these shoes and they designer that makes them. Guess I won’t be a carbon copy of the Southern Girl in SC. lol

Rock & Republic Strappy Chain-Detail Pump, Black

– priced $69.00 – 112.00

I paid 18.50

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mezza in Purple

Horrible Cell Phone shots again but they will due for now until I find my old point and shoot Kodak Easy Share C813.

The Deeds:

  • Purple Polo fitted V-Neck and Boho style shirt
  • Bronze sandals
  • Face, Cheeks, Eyes, Lips

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Firming Cream SPF 15

Lorac TANtalizer Baked Bronzer on Cheeks 

Always One Coat Dial Up Mascara

Wet N Wild 547B Lip Stick

Sephora Mini Palette Shimmer Tan over MAC Paint Pot – Bare Study  The Sephora Mini Palette color is on the top left side the 1st color when you click on the link. 

Wet N Wild Coloricon in Purple for my wing.

Polish Porn… Oh yeah that’s my toes :)

Monday We had a little get together after my Med-Surg Nursing class and I decided to make my toes and nails pretty for my class mates.  Via Cell PHONE SHOTS  That 4th test wasn’t as hard as we all thought but the wording was tricky.

Dreamy Poppy by Wet N Wild

From nap to straight ♥ Before and After

Earlier I did a post on my purchase of Elasta QP Olive oil and Mango Butter Moisturizer.  So, here is my new post with the before and after's for y’all to check out.  This is great if your exercising like myself and need that fresh look.

Before Pictures of my Edges:

1334034146111                    1334034154235

Hair Day

So, today was my hair day.  I typically wash my hair every 2 weeks depending on how greasy or heavy it starts to feel.  ( Yes, that’s correct 2 weeks).  I know some African American girls wash there hair several times a week since they are on a hair journey but I just think that’s a bit to much.  I like to stay with the techniques that my grandma and mother used on my hair to keep it healthy and strong when it comes to washing/managing.

Here is the product line up:

Sulfur 8 is new and I’m just trying it.  Read below to see what I think of the Sulfur and the rest of my products.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Super Haul Wet N Wild 15 items for 5.40

While I was visiting my mother we went by Walgreens in Myrtle Beach and guess what they I had to have.  You guessed it.  Everything  in the pictures below cost $ 0.69 each.  I def go some new pencils because guess what – makeup expires just like everything else so I def use my old pencils for other things. Out with the old in with the New.


IMG_20120409_232718From L to R:

1. Dream Poppy #429D

2. Sparked #435G

3. Wild Card #465

4. Tickled Pink  #402

5.  Caribbean Frost #446C


From L to R lip sticks:

IMG_20120409_2327401.  Breeze 547B

2.  Dark Pink Frost 502A

3.  Cherry Frost 514A




From T to B:

650D Purple Coloricon Eyeliner

651 Kohl Brow – Brow Pencil

659C Turquoise Kohl Eyeliner

654B Sky Blue – Eyeliner

154 Black Shimmer Eye Pencil

156 Blue Shimmer Eye Pencil

655 Charcoal Brow and Eye Pencil

Look for these colors in my future posts.

Hair Products for the Bush update… mini blog

IMG_20120409_193626Its has been a while since I’ve gotten a relaxer so I’m stretching my relaxer out as long as possible before I get another.  Here is what I’ve been using to maintain this bush.

Sunny isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil -

Still is my favorite oil.  It works great in my boyfriends hair who has dreads and he has this flake condition that’s not dandruff but its like dry patches.  This works great for him.  I apply it every 3 days on his scalp and once a week for mine. 

Olive Oil and mango Butter Moisturizer 

Can you say my roots love this stuff!!!  ♥♥♥♥♥  I will def take a before and after picture tomorrow since I don’t have school or work so you can see the difference it makes on the edges in the front where a lot of kinky hair or African American girls have a problem when we are going natural or growing our perm out and we need that fresh relaxer look. 

Sulfur 8

Itch sometimes great but no time to wash.  I currently use to use the grease but switched to the spray to use overnight to help with the itch I would get about 5 days after washing my hair.  Yes, I only wash it maybe every 14 days or when its just to oily or heavy from products.  Anyways, right now I will be including the wash into my regimen of washing the bush.

India inspired wear–Tip for saving thighs in that dress.


My mom got this super cute dress By:  India Boutique from Ross for 15.99.  Its actually a 2x and super stretchy but I bought it because I just love the pattern and I love dresses like this.  Last week she took me shopping for some new clothes and etc.  So, here is one of the dresses she got me I super love it.

Super thigh saver tip for all my curvy chicks.  I hate to feel my thighs rub together and it was nice and warm today in SC so me and the bf went to the roof top of Carolina Ale to grab lunch.  Well I wear the boy underwear long shorts under my maxi dresses.  It keeps the sweaty thigh feel away while I’m still feeling breezy.  Smile  underwear2_sm  they look like this but the cotton kind.  I got this picture from Google images. 

Here’s my look with no make up just MAC Lip Conditioner.  I’m starting to look like my grandma so much.  My mom got me these flip flops a couple of years ago from dollar general I think for like 50 cent

IMG_20120409_173647                      IMG_20120409_173622IMG_20120409_173633IMG_20120409_173815


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