Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Make Me Pretty Area

I wanted to finally display a photo of where I get ready.  This is the before picture.  I am currently working on making this area a whole lot prettier and applying a paint job to my make up desk which is a hand-me down from my mother and grandmother.  Its original use - A sewing station now its a Sexy Station.  :) 

 The draws in the desk is currently filled with junk.  I mean material I use to make my hair bows and etc.  The plastic upright on the right has everything in it from nail supplies to hair to bracelets to sunglasses.  Its pretty sad in that upright.  

My station to the left of the desk has now all of my nursing books and nursing supplies, exercise stuff, two plastic containers of make up and make up supplies, my face prep stuff and more.  I will be making another blog to display the finished product once it is done.  Of course, the flat screen for my entertainment while I get ready.  Also, it holds some party items.  I am working on getting a new chair and some other items.  I can't wait to see how this turns out.  :) 

Do you have any suggestions?  What does your area look like where you get beautiful?

I took a close up of my flowers my mom sent me for my birthday.  

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