Monday, March 26, 2012

Have you tried Tarte?

Hey Readers!

So, I was up one night bumming in the bed stuffing my face with cereal and I found myself captivated by the QVC wizards.  Yes, QVC - I know what your thinking.  The product that this lady was telling me and encouraging me to buy is the Amazonian clay 12-hour full coverage foundation SPF 15 by TARTE.  As I'm laying there with my bowl I notice that I'm starting to be more and more interested but as soon as I seen the before and after and the models applying it live in HD.  I could here the QVC representative yell... SOLD to the chic in the bed stuffing her face.   lol

So, I'm also interested in the blush that they have on the site that seems to work well.  I will be heading over to ULTA in the morning which I don't really like ULTA because the one here is extremely limited on cosmetics.  I want to see what my color is then I'll be buying my product online through TARTE to rack in some points.  They also have a points program like ULTA and SEPHORA but this may be my new favorite product so why not gain points whenever possible.  There is no big difference in the price between them and Sephora but its up to you to decide which store you decide to get yours from or even if you want to keep up with the different accounts.  I also noticed while on there site they have some great items in the SALE tab.  I can't wait to show ya'll what I get tomorrow.

Are you a fan of TARTE what is your favorite product?

If your interested in starting your free account and gaining some points with TARTE click the like below:$9h!7w

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  1. LOL!!! I'm a QVC person too girl. I love when Mally is on. She's hilarious with her beauty products. I think I've only tried a blush from tarte and that was a long time ago. I haven't dabbled with their products.


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