Saturday, March 31, 2012

My First Blogger Appreciation Award

This is my first time ever getting an award and I am so happy that Love.Live.Beauty nominated me for this award and I am truly happy to be able to spread this award on.  Blogging truly makes my day when I come home and see I have a few more followers who like what I post.  I appreciate her choosing me out of all her followers.  Thanks girlie!

Blogger Appreciation Award


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1.  How long have you been blogging?

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4.  What is 1 thing you would like to improve on as a blogger on your blog?

My Answers

1.  Off and on since 2010.  I’ve been going pretty good at a steady rate since last year.

2.  I started blogging to connect with other people who have the same interest as me.  I thought blogging was awesome and a great way to express myself. 

3.  Make up, photography, Fashion, travel – I like a all types of things so if your blog seems interesting then I usually follow.

4.  Post more about the social events I go to.  I think those are great to share.  Blogging is almost about living and experiencing things through other people.


1. A Very Sweet Shop

2.  ... secret stare, a photo diary

3. Haute Khouture

4. .Sincerely Mally.

5.  The inglorious editor

6. Rochelleke's Closet

7. Karie Kimberly

8. A Beauty with Brains

Nair Cool Gel–No More Hairy :)



  So, typically I use the standard Nair in the pink bottle but decided to mix it up.  The Nair in the pink bottle just has this crazy smell that is hard to get rid of once you use it.  So, I opted for the Cool Gel.  I must say I love it!  I left it on for 5 minutes on slightly above the knee.  ( I have sensitive skin on my thighs so I don’t ever place any type of hair removal cream on them )  So, I use gloves because I typically stand in the bath room and clean my sink while I allow 5 minutes or until I see the hair kind of float ( see below polaroid style ). 


The bottle says don’t rub but just smooth on legs.  I lathered this on my leg like I was putting on lotion Smile   The bottle says to gentle wipe off with a damp washcloth and don’t rub.  Then rinse with lukewarm water in the shower pat dry. 

Now, I’m special.  I typically don’t follow directions but with a lot of trial and error with the standard nair.  I went with my usual.  I used a cotton cloth and gently wipe the hair off in a circular motion almost like I’m doing an exfoliate.  Once all the hair is off I use Baby Wash to wash the area that the hair removal was at.  Check out the after below.  No itch or dryness is the best part of this. 


Before the Nair… yeah this is sad but this is what happens when I’m in scrubs four days a week and then in pants one day a week. 

School+Work+Exercise = NO NAIRY TIME 

IMG_20120331_195418                       IMG_20120331_195438                               

   ShaZaam!!  5 Minutes later a clean sink and mirrow… Nice and Smooth.  The bf will be proud. 

IMG_20120331_195553                IMG_20120331_201644

For my thigh area I use my boyfriend’s razor which does an amazing job and I use the Baby Wash as a shaving prep or cream.  Saturdays, is my new R&R day after I get off work.  I can’t wait to bring you another Saturday of pampering.


So, have you ever tried the Cool Gel or any other Nair product?  What do you think?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Make Up Haul & Great coupon alert!



I had fun today just peeping out the cosmetics and trying to decide what I really needed.  I don’t like to stalk up on a lot of make up because they do expire just like everything else.  So, its not cool to wear past due make up.  HAHA… I need to turn that into a shirt slogan.  Any who…  I got a Eye Brow pencil because its about time for me to start adding them into my eye work.  The one I got has the dual ends so I have the brush for blending the pencil into my eye brow hair.  Great tool can’t wait to use it.


Neutrogena Healthy Skin Firming Cream:  Firms and Lifts SPF 15   $12.00

I needed more facial moisturizer and definitely one with a SPF in it.  I typically use Garnier but I wanted to try something different and one that had the all in one factor to it.  Moisturizer, SPF, and Firming.  So, I will be giving to reviews on this moisturizer my first thought and my final use of product.

Maybelline New York Dream Bouncy Blush:  Plum Wine 5.45

The texture of this blush is like foam or cream.  Its so soft and silky to the touch.  Its very sheer but of course layering will give it a deeper pigment and I took a picture of it with flash and no flash.  Amazing!!!  I can’t wait to use this tomorrow for my school look.  So, here is my COUPON ALERT! If you use the Foam Maybelline Foundation CVS has 30% off and then there is a $2.00 off coupon online from that you can get for that particular Foundation.



From ULTA:

I always recommend going to ULTA with there coupon they typically offer either online and/or the one you get in the book that gives you 3.50 to 10.00 off.  My total for all four with my coupon discount 14.68.  Pretty good. 

NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in  Pots and Pans #603     4.99

NYX EyeBrow Pencil in Black 4.99

NYX Lipstick Round Honey  3.99

LORAC  Tantalizer in Baked Bronzer 6.00

  IMG_0561IMG_0565I can’t wait to use this!  Its is way more pigmented than my Covergirl Bronzer and I think this will give me a better glow in the cell phone shots in the club.  Smile

No flash and its still simmering just from the lap in the room.  I love the pigmentation of this bronzer.  I got this out of the little bin they usually have at the front of ULTA that has the mini versions of everything in them.



“Do you use any of these products?  Have you used any of these products?  Let me know what you think?”

Monday, March 26, 2012

Have you tried Tarte?

Hey Readers!

So, I was up one night bumming in the bed stuffing my face with cereal and I found myself captivated by the QVC wizards.  Yes, QVC - I know what your thinking.  The product that this lady was telling me and encouraging me to buy is the Amazonian clay 12-hour full coverage foundation SPF 15 by TARTE.  As I'm laying there with my bowl I notice that I'm starting to be more and more interested but as soon as I seen the before and after and the models applying it live in HD.  I could here the QVC representative yell... SOLD to the chic in the bed stuffing her face.   lol

So, I'm also interested in the blush that they have on the site that seems to work well.  I will be heading over to ULTA in the morning which I don't really like ULTA because the one here is extremely limited on cosmetics.  I want to see what my color is then I'll be buying my product online through TARTE to rack in some points.  They also have a points program like ULTA and SEPHORA but this may be my new favorite product so why not gain points whenever possible.  There is no big difference in the price between them and Sephora but its up to you to decide which store you decide to get yours from or even if you want to keep up with the different accounts.  I also noticed while on there site they have some great items in the SALE tab.  I can't wait to show ya'll what I get tomorrow.

Are you a fan of TARTE what is your favorite product?

If your interested in starting your free account and gaining some points with TARTE click the like below:$9h!7w

Sunday, March 18, 2012

School Look Blue as Blue





So of course I wanted to do an amazing look for school and take advantage of being able to wear nail polish and make up to school when I don’t have clinical rotation.


L.A. Colors The Blue: bcc 566 and the Sparkle is BCC 582  the sparkle is amazing because when it goes on it doesn’t look like you have a lot 1331694174008on the nail but when it dries more of it comes out.


I used MAC Paint Pot Bare Study all over my eye lids all the way to my brow bone.  I then used my Sephora palette and used the bluish green simmer tone all over my lid and the matte brown in my crease at the bone line.  I used Avon eye shimmer as a top lid eye liner.  I then applied Maybelline’s Falses Mascara on the bottom lashes and Avon Super Extend mascara on my upper lashes.  I also used AVON pro Brow Enhancer in dark brown on my brows to fill in and make them more defined.




Cover girl Cheekbone in Bronzer

NARS in Orgasm

Avon Face Prefector





Face TIME:



Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Make Me Pretty Area

I wanted to finally display a photo of where I get ready.  This is the before picture.  I am currently working on making this area a whole lot prettier and applying a paint job to my make up desk which is a hand-me down from my mother and grandmother.  Its original use - A sewing station now its a Sexy Station.  :) 

 The draws in the desk is currently filled with junk.  I mean material I use to make my hair bows and etc.  The plastic upright on the right has everything in it from nail supplies to hair to bracelets to sunglasses.  Its pretty sad in that upright.  

My station to the left of the desk has now all of my nursing books and nursing supplies, exercise stuff, two plastic containers of make up and make up supplies, my face prep stuff and more.  I will be making another blog to display the finished product once it is done.  Of course, the flat screen for my entertainment while I get ready.  Also, it holds some party items.  I am working on getting a new chair and some other items.  I can't wait to see how this turns out.  :) 

Do you have any suggestions?  What does your area look like where you get beautiful?

I took a close up of my flowers my mom sent me for my birthday.  

Break from school -So Do you Like my polish

Hello!  My fab crew of bloggers.  I’ve returned from the bottoms of nursing school to actually use the internet for fun and not study time.  Spring break was last week and I’m still trying to get my mind back into school mood.  Spring Break was fun I got to eat, sleep, and relax.   Today I needed a little more TLC so I went and got some new polish.  Yeah! All are L.A. Colors and cost 1.00 each.  The Wired ( Blue) you have to apply a couple of times  for a darker look but I was being rushed by the BF so this is what it looks like.  I will def try to make a nice school day outfit for y’all to peep out.  I do recommend using a clear coat on top of all this polishes.  My favorite is the Jewel Tone.  I’m in love with the sparkle.

IMG_0487 - Copy

First color is:  BCC 570 can’t remember the name it’s the yellow

2nd color:  BCC582 Jewel Tone

3rd color: BCC566 Wired





 IMG_0493 IMG_0506

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