Monday, January 2, 2012

My xmas presents? Yes I’m late. :)

Xmas eve I had to work but before I went in I got to grab something to eat from my boyfriend’s parents house.  I’m in the Red and blue scrubs hat.  I work in Labor and Delivery but we went over to the Triage unit to sing a christmas song.  Yeah – we happened to be a little Cheesy.


So what did I get?

Xmas Day was spent at my moms.

Not Pictured are: property taxes paid by my mom and the two food gift cards see got my boyfriend and I for xmas. 

1325536288031I love Hello Kitty.  I have an original that my mom had for me1325536342833 since I was born.  So, you can say I was born with her in my hands.  Well My sister and mom got me a watch and a pair of earrings and a ring set.






My boyfriend’s sister got this amazing set from VS for me.  I started wearing it and I love it. 




My boyfriend’s mother is so sweet and kind.  She got me a charm bracelet from Jewelry Warehouse – It has a boat and a wine glass on it.  Its super cute and I can’t wait to wear it.  1325536306056




1325536414012Last but not least.  I got some new timberland boots!!!  He totally surprised me with these boots.  I for sure new he was going to get me some make up but I got these as a surprise!!!  I have some beat up ones I wear all the time with I’m working on my truck or outside and always said I was going to get another pair to wear out when I don’t feel like wearing heels since its so cold out side.  He thought of this all on his own.  How sweet.

We had some great food and laughs hope everyone enjoyed there holidays.

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