Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Victoria Secret’s Brilliant Lip Shine

This may come as a shocker but I don’t shop at Victoria Secret.  They sent me a gift card for 10 in the mall so I went to the store to see what I could find of course I went straight for the make up.  I will admit I am the type of person that believes some companies should stick to what they are great at aka what they are known for.  Victoria Secret = Underwear and sexy wear 


  I got the color Charm.  Its very sheer and sparkles are everywhere.  Sorry for my added up nose shot. 

You have to press the button on the bottom to get the color to come out on a swatch tip.






It sticky, sheer, and light weight.  A little to much glitter or sparkle effect for me.  I more than likely wouldn’t buy another one.  Are you a fan of Victoria Secret’s Cosmetics?


  1. Hey girl! I've tried their perfume and stopped there. LOL I love how it sparkles and the color is pretty. Sorry it didn't work for you. VS has delved into so many things. I just feel it's a little too much. Thanks again for the gift certificate. I featured it and you on my blog today, so stop by and check it out! :D

  2. Hey I don't shop at VS too. I only go there to buy lotions as gifts :). By the way, thanks for the comment u left on MyGlam bag. I actually did a review on the NYX lipcream in Tokyo and I said its better on pale to light skin tone. I was hoping to get the hot pink or bright red lipcream like most girls got, but Tokyo is ok but not a color I would wear a lot. You should try MyGlam and see if u will like it.

  3. I don't shop at VS either. I've always wondered about their cosmetics. They are great at packaging it to look so appealing :) Thanks for the review!

  4. I wish we had a Victoria's secret store in my country... maybe I should try ordering online :)




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