Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jamaican Black Castor Oil–I’m in love thus far

I heard that Jamaican Black Castor Oil is great for hair growth as well as a view other things.  So, I after my workout this morning I went to Kim’s Enterprises and picked up an 8oz bottle for 13.99 which is way cheaper than the 12 – 24.00 that Ebay and Amazon are asking for the 4 – 8 oz bottles of the same product.  Any who – Here is what I think so far.  Today is my first time trying it in my hair and I will try it in my bf’s hair later since he has dreads and I really bought it for him.  ( I just as well get some use out of it also – lol )

IMG_20111213_140141What Do I Think?


It’s a thick oil.  Its not runny like other oils and extremely greasy.  It has an almost heaviness to it.  Its brown which is different.  I’m going to have to store it in my squeeze bottle in the closet.  It comes in the darker bottle to protect the oil’s essentials from the sunlight exposure.  It doesn’t smell but it did come in 3 different aromas apparently.  Once, I did my applicator spread on my scalp and rubbed my fingers through my hair to add some moisture to my entire head.  I didn’t have that left over grease look or feel.  I just gentle massage my hands with the rest.  I haven’t had the need to wash my hands yet.  A little goes a long way with this product so don’t go crazy with applying it to your scalp.



  1. Great post, I've wanted to try castor oil but am always worried about the greasiness, i guess the key is to not over do it! Great pics.

  2. Let me know how it works. I had a hair catastrophe recently, and so I'm taking prenatal and biotin pills (GNC's nourishair) to get my hair growing again. :D

  3. @glitz Glam budget some of the castor oils are greasy. Good luck on finding a great product.

    @sassyuptownchic - I did the prenatal once and it made my hair shed so I just started on the Vit D3 for both my hair and to curve my cravings. My mom takes Vit D to help her hair but well see if there is a change after I finish this bottle. Right now its winter here in SC so I try really hard to keep it oiled but my boyfriend who has severe dry scalp loves it so far.

  4. Jamaican Black Castor oil is the best hot oil treatment for hair. This oil is benefit for any hair type. But if you have dry hair and scalp you must be careful to treat you hair with castor oil because they have surfactant contents that make thermal effect in your scalp.


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