Monday, November 28, 2011

Snow White Tuesday & Wednesday


Tuesday was well Tuesday but Wednesday is the start of the long days of the week.  I dedicated Wednesday to my #449C Wet-n-Wild nail polish. 

<---- Check out that nail strawberry art I created – took several shots but I got a good one.  Of course, I didn’t think of it until afterwards but it would have been easier with the other hand. 

I dedicated to wearing a low key outfit to my nursing lab today due to it being one of the long days.  it was super hard to tell me I was to cute for school.  Presentations aren’t my favorite so hoping the look takes away from the shaking, stuttering, and consent hand wipes from me sweating standing up in front of my peers.


Here is the “White” in the white of my eye, lol ( Everyone say CORNY).  So, I do love this color but I highly recommend putting on a clear top coat.  I washed dish and it didn’t last against my Dawn. 

I am happy with the color and yes you will see it again.  It went great with my presentation that I had to give and also with my outfit I had on.

This blog was my original draft before the computers crashed.





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