Saturday, November 5, 2011

Nature’s Natural Bath and Shower Gel


When we got to our hotel in Puerto Rico we got this amazing gift basket of Nature’s Products.  I am finally using the Bath and Shower Gel and I love it in the shower.  A small amount goes a long way and lather is great.  The smell is amazing and it did give me that energy feel.  Once your out the shower however – apply some type of moisturizer.  My hands feel dry but my skin feels smooth and not overly moisturized at least to myself.  My boyfriend performed my skin touch test and he did agree it felt soft.  So, that’s a plus.  Its not itchy or that ashy look but it is dry.  I will happy update this blog once I’m finished with the whole bottle to see if there is a difference in my skin. 



  On the back of the bottle some of the ingredients mentioned are:  “ Myrrh, Ceylon Tea, Maca, and Myrtle extracts, tonifying and stimulating, with the refreshing multi-vitamin action of Kiwi Water.  Formulated with vegetable cleansers.  The bottle does say when under hot water, it releases a fragrance which gives an immediate and long lasting sense of wellbeing. “

Thanks to my amazing hotel I have the secret of the Nature’s product line. 

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