Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hair on a Budge

I had to go part time at work but I’m trying to make the best out of it by finding things I can do to budget myself with making sure my hair looks decent and of course, I’m happy with my overall appearance.  Nursing School sucks!  I had this product for a while and I finally used it.  I previously washed my hair and braid it and placed rollers on the ends then let it air dry.  Well – one of my friends came into tCurlandWaveDefiningGelown so to give a little extra curl and left.  I used my Curl Goddess Curl and Wave Defining Gel.

It is a self conditioner also with conditioning sunflower in it.  It smells really more like a perfume sunflower smell more than anything. 

It worked great!  If you want your waves to be tight and smaller then of course braid your hair tighter.  If you want loose then of course braid it loose.  I don’t have any really great pictures of the process to show you but I do have one picture from that night but you really can’t see it as good.

    IMG_0035    IMG_0032         

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