Saturday, November 12, 2011

Crème Crack in a Box

So, of course I went part time so I am trying to spend my money more wisely on certain things but not on nail polish, cosmetics, and shoes ( you know the important things). 

Well one major schedule beauty spending I cut out was going to my hair dress for a relaxer.  My boyfriend’s mother has a cosmos license “Surprise” so I went and picked up “ Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil No-Lye Relaxer normal”.  ( Recommend by one of my friends that also has thick hair like myself)

unnamedOf course, I didn’t know which one to get so I went the safe route and got the normal for fine to medium hair.  It worked fab!  My thick kinked roots are now smooth as butter and with the help of my bf hand drying it with two blow dryers and smoothing it into a ponytail with pink oil.  I flat ironed it a day later using my Suave heat protective spray and Shea Butter oil sheen.

I got the picture of the relaxer from but I have 1. overpaid for this crème crack by a whole 5 dollars.  Walmart is not the best place to buy your box relaxers. 2. will be buying this again and so in love my capabilities of balancing.  3. I feel so much closer to my hopefully; one day; future mother-in-law because in my family putting relaxers and doing each others hair is bonding time and just a woman’s moment.



Of course I have my Herbal Tea to sip on since its freezing in SC right now.  I left pictures at the bottom of the Suave Heat Protective Spray!  It worked beautifully.  You spray it on throughout your hair wait a few seconds then go to work.  I sprayed my Oil Sheen on my sections near the top to give me that nice shine and to also tame some of my shorter hair.  I love the smell of both and the Oil Sheen is AMAZING for just setting a style also.  I don’t care where I am the fellas always love the smell of my hair when I spray some of it on.  Its not greasy or sticky.  Once again Wal-Mart is not the cheapest place to by the other to products.  I recommend hitting up an of the Asian beauty stores first for any hair care products.




  1. I love using olive oil for my hair - great post!

    -Mia xoxo

  2. Good job on the relaxer! I used to use olive oil perm when I relaxed my hair! Hair looks good! And so does your mug haha


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