Sunday, November 6, 2011

ARDEN B. Virgin

Yes, Its true!

I’ve always passed by the window of Arden B.  1 Reason:  My friends always told me how much they paid for pieces and I didn’t bother because I’m just to cheap for those prices.

Today I was walking through the mall and they had a sign outside that said, “ Sexy pieces for $5 and up “  I instantly thought to self.  Hey, Self your Sexy and $5 and up we can do that.  So, off into the store I went.  I got these two items for the 21.40 and I joined the Arden Club.  Supper excited to get my 20.00 to spend in the store.

The pumps where 10.00 on sale but of course I pointed out that the other Rosette was missing and the color was faded and scuffed looking.  The plan is to re-dye black and go to the craft store and find a nice piece to place on the side.  Once, this project is complete I will post a picture. 

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