Monday, November 28, 2011

GIVEAWAY TIME!!!!!! Who likes FREE stuff? YOU DO!


$25.00 Sephora eGift Certificate
Give Away will close on this Saturday 12/10/2011 @ Midnight.

2 Simple Rules:

* You will need to comment on this post to be considered! 
* You must be a follower of my blog “ Chrisology “

Thank you all for becoming followers and supporting me along this journey. Blogging is a great escape for me and I love seeing and reading about what my fellow bloggers are doing. My make up artistry skills aren’t to the level of some but I am learning and having fun at it. Keep enjoying my blog and I look forward to doing my 50 follower blog!

Snow White Tuesday & Wednesday


Tuesday was well Tuesday but Wednesday is the start of the long days of the week.  I dedicated Wednesday to my #449C Wet-n-Wild nail polish. 

<---- Check out that nail strawberry art I created – took several shots but I got a good one.  Of course, I didn’t think of it until afterwards but it would have been easier with the other hand. 

I dedicated to wearing a low key outfit to my nursing lab today due to it being one of the long days.  it was super hard to tell me I was to cute for school.  Presentations aren’t my favorite so hoping the look takes away from the shaking, stuttering, and consent hand wipes from me sweating standing up in front of my peers.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Revlon's Lip Butter post VS Slow Computer at mom's house

Dear Mom:  
Your computer is so slow but I can't help but be in joy about the ability I have to blog now that I drove 2 hours to see you this weekend.  For Turkey Day, I'm thankful for the guys at Geek Squad for calling today and my boyfriend going to pick up not one but both the desktop and mini.  
Thank you Turkey Day!
Can I say 1 point for Revlon!  Why, Yes I can!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Computer down but ready for my first give away Yeah!

Sorry that I've been MIA but I'm super excited and ready for my first give away. I am using my IPOD to post this message until I get the computer working.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Good Morning to Red Mondays

Day one of operation get toned and fit.  I’m having my Foojoy China Green Tea with my swirl of honey and Yoplait ( YUCK!)111_0068, lol.  I rather be having some of my hard food right now that I cooked last night but I’m determined to be sexy for New Years eve.  Wish me look. IMG_8073


I wanted to show off my new favorite nail color by NYC its number 221 this morning.  I have my 4th exam for Nursing 101 and I’m hoping this beautiful red helps guide me lovely hands to all the right answers that my brain knows.  Sorry about the bad pictures of my nail color.  My camera was not trying to be my friend last night when I was trying to attempt the picturing of the fingernails.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Style revolving!

Visit Arden B for the sale on these shoes


Can you say – “ Turning into an addiction”.  Yes, my crazy never end hunt for pumps and anything with a heel.  Besides the sparkle – I have been drawn to a feel items with different styles of the follow items but yes, I know they are becoming the new black.  Shoe pictues from Arden B., Charlotte Russe, and Bakers.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Crème Crack in a Box

So, of course I went part time so I am trying to spend my money more wisely on certain things but not on nail polish, cosmetics, and shoes ( you know the important things). 

Well one major schedule beauty spending I cut out was going to my hair dress for a relaxer.  My boyfriend’s mother has a cosmos license “Surprise” so I went and picked up “ Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil No-Lye Relaxer normal”.  ( Recommend by one of my friends that also has thick hair like myself)

unnamedOf course, I didn’t know which one to get so I went the safe route and got the normal for fine to medium hair.  It worked fab!  My thick kinked roots are now smooth as butter and with the help of my bf hand drying it with two blow dryers and smoothing it into a ponytail with pink oil.  I flat ironed it a day later using my Suave heat protective spray and Shea Butter oil sheen.

I got the picture of the relaxer from but I have 1. overpaid for this crème crack by a whole 5 dollars.  Walmart is not the best place to buy your box relaxers. 2. will be buying this again and so in love my capabilities of balancing.  3. I feel so much closer to my hopefully; one day; future mother-in-law because in my family putting relaxers and doing each others hair is bonding time and just a woman’s moment.



Of course I have my Herbal Tea to sip on since its freezing in SC right now.  I left pictures at the bottom of the Suave Heat Protective Spray!  It worked beautifully.  You spray it on throughout your hair wait a few seconds then go to work.  I sprayed my Oil Sheen on my sections near the top to give me that nice shine and to also tame some of my shorter hair.  I love the smell of both and the Oil Sheen is AMAZING for just setting a style also.  I don’t care where I am the fellas always love the smell of my hair when I spray some of it on.  Its not greasy or sticky.  Once again Wal-Mart is not the cheapest place to by the other to products.  I recommend hitting up an of the Asian beauty stores first for any hair care products.



Sunday, November 6, 2011

ARDEN B. Virgin

Yes, Its true!

I’ve always passed by the window of Arden B.  1 Reason:  My friends always told me how much they paid for pieces and I didn’t bother because I’m just to cheap for those prices.

Today I was walking through the mall and they had a sign outside that said, “ Sexy pieces for $5 and up “  I instantly thought to self.  Hey, Self your Sexy and $5 and up we can do that.  So, off into the store I went.  I got these two items for the 21.40 and I joined the Arden Club.  Supper excited to get my 20.00 to spend in the store.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Nature’s Natural Bath and Shower Gel


When we got to our hotel in Puerto Rico we got this amazing gift basket of Nature’s Products.  I am finally using the Bath and Shower Gel and I love it in the shower.  A small amount goes a long way and lather is great.  The smell is amazing and it did give me that energy feel.  Once your out the shower however – apply some type of moisturizer.  My hands feel dry but my skin feels smooth and not overly moisturized at least to myself.  My boyfriend performed my skin touch test and he did agree it felt soft.  So, that’s a plus.  Its not itchy or that ashy look but it is dry.  I will happy update this blog once I’m finished with the whole bottle to see if there is a difference in my skin. 



  On the back of the bottle some of the ingredients mentioned are:  “ Myrrh, Ceylon Tea, Maca, and Myrtle extracts, tonifying and stimulating, with the refreshing multi-vitamin action of Kiwi Water.  Formulated with vegetable cleansers.  The bottle does say when under hot water, it releases a fragrance which gives an immediate and long lasting sense of wellbeing. “

Thanks to my amazing hotel I have the secret of the Nature’s product line. 

Glitter Gold Saturdays

Loving this nail color.  Its medium in coating ability so I coated nails 2 times.  It doesn't cover the nail that has extended from the nail bed very well as you can see in the pictures but I'm still in love with this color.  Once I went running this morning and noticed it in the Sun.  Its very eye catching.

L.A. Colors

Color Craze

#BCC 570 with hardeners


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hair on a Budge

I had to go part time at work but I’m trying to make the best out of it by finding things I can do to budget myself with making sure my hair looks decent and of course, I’m happy with my overall appearance.  Nursing School sucks!  I had this product for a while and I finally used it.  I previously washed my hair and braid it and placed rollers on the ends then let it air dry.  Well – one of my friends came into tCurlandWaveDefiningGelown so to give a little extra curl and left.  I used my Curl Goddess Curl and Wave Defining Gel.

It is a self conditioner also with conditioning sunflower in it.  It smells really more like a perfume sunflower smell more than anything. 

It worked great!  If you want your waves to be tight and smaller then of course braid your hair tighter.  If you want loose then of course braid it loose.  I don’t have any really great pictures of the process to show you but I do have one picture from that night but you really can’t see it as good.

    IMG_0035    IMG_0032         


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