Saturday, October 1, 2011

E.L.F ♥ @ Target


Sorry about the bad pictures but I used my camera phone, lol  Trying to post quickly before getting ready to go bowling tonight.  I finally got myself a eyelash curler.  I picked up:

♣  # 10506 Black Natural Lash Kit, Brush Cleaner, New Shadow brush, and Curler.





   E.L.F had a Zit Zapper and Concealer Collection that I had to get.  The Concealer is to light for me but this was a better buy than just buying the Zit Zapper by itself.  The Concealer will be used as a highlighter for other uses or even an eyelid base.





   I’m not pregnant but I hope for a little girl.  I love Hello Kitty.  Some socks for two of my friends.

Drinks! A all new tab on my blog what do you think?

Hey Ladies!  I've created a new tab on my blog just for drinks.  I always have get together and I am a proud member of the at home bartenders club, lol.  Please check out my reviews and if y'all have any suggests for any great spirits I should try then let me know.  I have several bottles in the top shelf so I'm just testing my first three posts right now.  Enjoy.  Please leave your comments if you know a great way to mix any of these spirits.

xoxo -



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