Thursday, August 11, 2011

Journey to San Juan, PR Part 1: Airport code: CLT

So, here we are on our anniversary/vacation to Puerto Rico and I am so excited.  I get the comforts of an island and we both get to experience something new together.  It is great to be with someone who has similar interest as myself.  I am happy to share this trip with everyone who has been or who hasn’t been.  So, of course, we are flying out of Charlotte, NC since it is cheaper.  I got to meet my other half’s cousin and he was so funny.  As we are getting dropped off at the Airport – I’m trying to check us in but I can’t because we are to late to check in.  SO… If you ever fly US Airways make sure to get there at least a hour or more a head of time.  I would go to say as far as a hour and a half.  Our flight was timed to depart at 9: 50 AM and we got here at 9:00 AM its okay because they did reschedule us for the 1145 flight and we’ll just end up getting to PR around 3:30.  Still a straight flight to PR and we’ll still get there early enough.

IMG_0003                                   IMG_0004
Of course, I had to be super glam while boarding.  ;0  I wore my 6 in Black Suede Platform heels.  I also wore my cute white dress with my black print.    Of course I had my stylish carry on bag that rolled smoothly down the halls.  My dress can turn into a long skirt or worn as a simply dress like in my pictures above.  My boyfriend of course had his words of how I look like I should be on my way to walk down a runway or something, lol.
While we waited of course we had a drink at the Bacardi Rum Bar.  2 Mojitos for 23.00  WTF.  Can you say we only had one each.  The light fixtures are so pretty and the bar was very chic and light very nicely.
I will say though never use the bathroom near D1 because the bathrooms are so nasty and they smell horrible.  I can’t tell you how shocked I was by the condition of the restroom.  Typically this airport is one of my favorites because of the $10 and under shops and the interior.   
Well its time to board… So, see you at the next blog post..

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  1. Hey Christina, thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting. Happy Anniversary to you and your man too! You look so happy and beautiful :)


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