Monday, May 2, 2011

MAC Makeup Haul in the back of a van, lol

To all my followers let me know if you want something.. I’m having a glam party and the MAC Man will be here.  He has everything from Pigments and its all REAL!  To palettes  Read my message below for my crazy experience.


What I got:

  • 2 Liberty of London and MAC eye shadows – The Purple “Bright A19” and the Gold “ Bright A03”
  • MAC Zoom Lash
  • 2 Lady Gaga Edition Lip Gloss – #14 swirly looking one and #13 shine one at the top. 
  • Venomous Villains – Lightly Prancing


Love the hidden compartment underneath the eye shadow.

So – when I went to meet the MAC man I took my two special agents MAC lover 1 and MAC lover 2.  We are MAC lovers and are there at least 4 times a month just to see what is the cutest and latest.  After many looks, comparing, and testing we three know this is official.. Plus, he had them in the shipment box.  lol  He had the Hello Kitty Palettes and lots of loose pigment, brushes, and foundations, concealers and etc.  Anyways, lets just say I got  6 items for well under 40 dollars not bad considering the price of MAC.  So, let me know if your interested in … Only to my followers.

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