Sunday, May 1, 2011

I’m Back Again! lol


I’ve been so busy with School, Work, and myself that I totally neglected the one other thing that de-stressed me.  So, here I am back posting and reading and boy do I have so much I have to offer my fellow bloggers.  So, I have a new good friend that lives in Atlanta that I will be getting my hand bags from and they are fabulous.  I can’t wait I’m so excited.  First let me introduce you to my nail polish – New York Color Nail Glossies with Vinyl Shine and Pro Vitamin B5…  My boyfriend had to work tonight so I took this as a great opportunity to try my new polish and hopefully it will bring me some luck in the morning for my last final.

Product InFo:

* 2 for $1.00  basically red and black… 

* 2 coats are enough to make this color pop… I’ll show off eye make up if I have time after my boot camp class in the AM.

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