Sunday, May 22, 2011

AMBI Fade Cream + Harlem Nights

Yes… I use fade cream to get rid of my dark spots that I get from when I have break outs due to hormones.  Typically when I get a bump I use my Proactiv Mask on it then it goes away.  Sometimes, I have to do a little “picking”IMG_20110522_004006 and I know I’m not supposed to do that but you have to get the hair, pus, or whatever out so it can heal.  Then I splash some type of alcohol based prep on it after I was it with my Olay 7 Signs of Aging Acne Cleanser.  Anyways, here is my dark spot now… and here is the picture of the AMBI that I am using.  It was around $4.00 including tax when buying it from Walmart…  I first would like to say this is a bad picture for me to use as an example.  It looks way darker in the mirror and I don’t want people to think I’m crazy, lol  Any who no spots are better than this one. 

My first line of getting rid of the scab that forms when you pick a bump is using an eyebrow archer to scrap over it to keep it from turning dark.  Nightly until the area looks similar to my skin complexion.  This one didn’t so once it blends in with my normal skin color I will be happy to place an after.

So tonight we watched Harlem Nights for date night and it was funny.  My boyfriend cooked a great pizza which I only at one IMG_20110522_003744slice and mostly the inner portion.  I hate crust!  Here is a great picture for everyone's’ enjoyment of how we look during date night.  Check out the proactiv mask on bumps and the AMBI..IMG_20110522_004349

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