Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Discount Offers from Express.

I must say is one of my favorite stores to buy shorts and shirts out of.  The clothing always last a long time and its great quality.  Now, the pricing sometimes is not friendly towards your wallet.  I went on my recent shopping experience and did you know at the bottom of there receipts the offer 15% of your next purchase if you give them feedback on your experience.  Only took me less than five minutes and so worth the 15% i'm going to save.  I hope this helps some of you love ladies in saving an extra buck. 

PSSS this does make you wonder what other stores offer discounts for feedback and i'm not talking about like at Walmart where you might win a gift card but solid discounts.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

BELK SALE + Fav. Candle

Can you say I’ve been shopping at the wrong place.  Well I had to get my nursing school physical done so of course I made sure to handle that before I went and bought unnecessary stuff.  Sailor Print with a flower print.  I can’t wait to wear it to class.


AMBI Fade Cream + Harlem Nights

Yes… I use fade cream to get rid of my dark spots that I get from when I have break outs due to hormones.  Typically when I get a bump I use my Proactiv Mask on it then it goes away.  Sometimes, I have to do a little “picking”IMG_20110522_004006 and I know I’m not supposed to do that but you have to get the hair, pus, or whatever out so it can heal.  Then I splash some type of alcohol based prep on it after I was it with my Olay 7 Signs of Aging Acne Cleanser.  Anyways, here is my dark spot now… and here is the picture of the AMBI that I am using.  It was around $4.00 including tax when buying it from Walmart…  I first would like to say this is a bad picture for me to use as an example.  It looks way darker in the mirror and I don’t want people to think I’m crazy, lol  Any who no spots are better than this one. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Bridesmaid movie + Tionna = funny

One of my new associates and I decided to go see Bridesmaids and go to Mayflower Bistro which services my favorite Asian dishes of all time - Godzilla Sushi...  Bridesmaids was so funny and I loved the fact it touched on what its like for girls for real.  Lol. Anyways, I was late (big shocker) to go meet Tionna at Mayflower and forgot to get a good picture of my face.  So sorry so dark.  I'm posting this via my G2 so its hard for me to do some of my favorite listing and texts.  So ill post in the morning what I used...

Carmex Chapstick

I am a Carmex lover.  I use it as my base for my lips and I have sticks everywhere - each vehicle, 3 in my make up storage, in the kitchen, bathroom, and office... let's not for get the living room.  I sent this random picture of the new packaging and yeah I noticed I need to get the skin around my nails handled but I work in surgery and washing my hands 50 times is no fun.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Laker Colors


I was so happy to get spend some time with the other half today after he got off.  Sadly our time was cut short when he had to returned back to work at 815pm…  That is one of things I am getting used to being with a real man… One who is not afraid to work and work hard.    

So besides the gushing you just read… I was happy to display my Laker pretty colors.  I’m not a Lakers fan or any basketball team fan but I really love the colors.  They are so pretty.  Plus, I had to wear some shorts that my babe got me.

Clothing & Accessories:

  • Purple Polo Top
  • Express White Shorts
  • Lakers Air Forces
  • MARK Gold Leaf Earrings

Make Up Face:


  • Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew daily Moisture Lotion 
  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid and MAC Studio Finish Concealer

Make Up Eyes and Lips:

  • MAC Bare Study Paint Point
  • Sephora Makeup palette to go
  •  1305178423073 1305178577277
  • Avon SuperShock Mascara K20 Black
  • Kohl Kajal Brow Pencil
  • Carmex for a base on my lips
  • MAC Fuchsia Fix Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF 15

Monday, May 2, 2011

Crawfish Festival

The look..

  • MAC Lady Gaga Lip Gloss #13
  • Garnier Nuritioniste Skin Renew Daily Moisture Lotion
  • AVON SuperExtend Mascara
  • Gold Leaf Earrings by Mark
  • Shades from the middle of the mall, lol
  • Couch Bag that my BF got me for Valentines Day.


The Crawfish was good.  I of course had to be cool and get a Crawdaddy hat.  I totally loved the seasoning and yes this was my first time.  I figured out how to eat them after watching someone else do it. 

MAC Makeup Haul in the back of a van, lol

To all my followers let me know if you want something.. I’m having a glam party and the MAC Man will be here.  He has everything from Pigments and its all REAL!  To palettes  Read my message below for my crazy experience.


1 Day and Night in Atlanta

Oh yeah, I got off at 7am then hit the road with Judah in tow.  I napped all the way to Atlanta til we met up with my good friend Anthony ( who’s room we slept in for a night ).  Then always fun to know George Butler of George Butler Photography and Regional Manager of ALL THE PARTIES.  Anyways, we of course hit up my favorite place in Atlanta to scored some bags…


Judged the Sunburst Pageant

I got asked to judge the Sunburst Pageant out in Orangeburg, SC and I was happy to… Check out my official look..  Bright red Lips and my bling of course.  Sorry I did this in April and I can’t remember what I used but I love my outfit and make up and wanted to show my fellow bloggers.


IMG_20110326_180151                    IMG_20110326_183725

I Heart Bio but I hate Phy.


  So this is what has been keeping me busy and stressed.  Here is the inside of my pig I had to identify anatomy which was easy  that the liver, Spiral intestine, Pancreas and the abdominal wall..


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fight Night Look


So, we went to the MMA fight to support one of my boyfriend’s friends and it was pretty good.  He fought great and of course we took in our on special juice to help up enjoy everything that way going on.






I’m Back Again! lol


I’ve been so busy with School, Work, and myself that I totally neglected the one other thing that de-stressed me.  So, here I am back posting and reading and boy do I have so much I have to offer my fellow bloggers.  So, I have a new good friend that lives in Atlanta that I will be getting my hand bags from and they are fabulous.  I can’t wait I’m so excited.  First let me introduce you to my nail polish – New York Color Nail Glossies with Vinyl Shine and Pro Vitamin B5…  My boyfriend had to work tonight so I took this as a great opportunity to try my new polish and hopefully it will bring me some luck in the morning for my last final.

Product InFo:

* 2 for $1.00  basically red and black… 

* 2 coats are enough to make this color pop… I’ll show off eye make up if I have time after my boot camp class in the AM.


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