Monday, March 14, 2011

Ojon loves your hair

So, I'm researching and looking for the best natural products for my hair.  I've been looking at Ojon for a while and finally decided to get the starter/sample kit that's for hydration.    The starter kits are 36 dollars and I got it from a store here named ulta of course they have a points program like sephora.  Always invest in your products at a store that offers rewards.  I am in love with immediate texture, look, and overall condition right after roller drying after I used the product.  My hair was shiny and so soft the silk but health feeling.  Now, the next day because of the climate out here in SC.  The next day not that much love.  This has been the best experience with my hair.  I used the remaining in my boyfriends hair who has dreads and of course his scalp reacted great to it.  The oil comes in the form of a paste and when you rub your hands together you end up with oil.  The smell is def strong and different but I love it for his scalp and my hair.  On to the next hair product. I'm coming for you Wen.

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