Sunday, January 16, 2011


I got off the morning and with the idea in my mind to stay true to the fit side.  I went to a Zumba class right after work.  Amazing is all I have to say.  Its the perfect balance between dance and fitness.  My teacher was totally high energy and she just made everything simple.  If your a dancer you will love Zumba.  There was both men and women in the class and all ages.  I felt like I was in the club but non stop for an hour with just one water break in between and then of course you can break as needed for your water break. 

I will be trying a couple more classes that my gym has to offer now I know how awesome that was. 

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  1. heyhey! thanks for the lovely comments, hope it is ok to reply u here :D
    im recovering quite well :) and for the glitter mani, yep, i did wait a bit for the previous layer to dry before adding onto the gradient :) as for my project, im working on youth participation in local mandarin theatre :D haha


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