Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Retail Therapy.. Really Works

Until I return home… So, Christina had a talk with Leilani and Jocklene agreed that she needed to get her shit together.  So, with the consults of my alters, we all agreed to go and get a new drivers license which I have to say is the worlds best ID.  Then I head over to get myself some new gym shoes for my birthday.  I took my zumba class and now I’m so can’t wait til 515 to hit up the other one.


So, Of course, I have my sew in right now to try and help with my hair growth.  Well after getting my shoes we ( includes myself as a single body but 3 personalities) all of us head over to my favorite Asian Hair store for a quest to get some hair products and random bull.  As you can see I got the

  • Organic Natural Coco Lime Conditioner & Detangler for Weave and Wig ( Remi Hair and Lace Wig)
  • Black Soap ( I wanted some soap that would be great for my skin so Ivory, Irish Spring are all out the count  I was itching like crazy after using)  So, I got the black soap
  • Satin Tie Band for my edges that are still out around my sewin.
  • Brow Shapers because its time.  I plucked some last night but when I took some pictures of my make up trial last night I had hair showing up in my picture and I was like hell no.  lol
  • MAC  Paint Pot for my base for all my eye shadows.  I converted back to Mac I got Bare Study..
  • Some hair bands of course for when I go and work out.
  • Elastic QP Olive Oil and Mango Butter Moisturizer ( Going to be trying this out I just joined K.i.s.s and I see a lot of girls like it but I will be also be doing the growing my hair journey very soon.  Until… I’ll be testing)

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