Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Perricone MD I’m in ♥

4180_heroSo, I went to Sephora well a mini version in the Belk in Coastal Grand Mall.  I’m thinking about switching my facial products to see if not being so cheap will bring better results.  For the most part, my face is clear until I get super stressed ( PMS ) or I get to hairy.  After doing my 3 hour research before I actually try to hit up the store ( 3 hours is no joke – I have issues when it comes to decision making ). 

So I got three samples of the Rx Skin Clear Regimen.  Skin Clear Cleanser – $35, Skin Clear Acne Toner – $35, and Skin Clear Hydrator –$55.  Now that is way out of budget that what I would normal spend.  I don’t use a toner as of now but I must say my sample has lasted for a week now and I’m loving the way my skin feels and is looking.  This might be a buy that I might have to go outside the budget for.  The description is so head on right now.

The description for the product:

This regimen is designed to address acne-prone skin from the inside out and the outside in. It helps to clear current breakouts and prevent new ones from surfacing while relieving dryness. It also helps to firm and tone skin to achieve a visibly renewed and healthy appearance.

As anyone else used this product before?

I put the link to Perricone MD @ Sephora in the picture with the crème and breaker.  Just click the picture and it will redirect you to the site.

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