Friday, January 7, 2011

Mirror, Mirror on the wall who has the most bouncy weave of all..

I Do!  I went for my touch up on my edges to get that slick back baby look and got my weave tightened and since it grew some - I got an additional track sewin in.  Of course, I'm a CURLY Girl and wanted curls so my hair dresser washed my hair, then placed rollers in it and of course I walked out looking like I was about to go and audition for the Rick James video with my big bouncy hair.  I did get it to calm down some since I went to work two days in a row and slept on it.  So, I'll have to see if I can find my picture from my cell of how my hair looked when I got home.  My boyfriend's only comment was thats a lot of hair.  lol which means in boy terms who knows but hey I got my curl and it feels so much thicker and a little heavier.  I will def be asking just for my ends to be curled or bigger rollers next time so the hair is not to big. 

I Did get a A+ for the care of my hair sewin - I just sprayed my Sulfar 8 inbetween my tracks and used the oil when it got bad.  More than likely I won't be using the oil anymore because I didn't like the feel it gave my hair and all the oil made my face breakout.  So, Sulfar 8 spray will do for now.

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