Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lets Review it baby….


Avon Magix Face Prefector:

Pros:  SPF 20 and slight shimmer it gives my overall face.  Lightness of the feel on my face.  Doesn’t feel like I wearing it.

Cons:  Tough as crap to squeeze out the thumb.  The texture makes it feel like I’m playing in powder which I am.  Not sure if I’m whipping it off as I apply it or maybe it just sucks.



MAC Bare Study Paint Pot

Pros:  The shine and shimmer, coverage, texture, and its so easy to place and it stays!!  LOVE it as a base for my eye shadow.

Cons:  It didn’t come off the back of my hand easily.




Pros: the colors are pretty and comes off with a simple whip of the wash cloth just using water.

Cons:  Pigment SUCKS!  When I used my brushes the color didn’t pop at all but when I used the little foam applicator with the Privately pink it was more pigmented in appearance.  I truly am disappointed with the Quad. 

Experiment with in the future:  I’ll have to re-do it totally.



I will get the name tomorrow its late and I don’t won’t to wake my boyfriend by digging in my makeup.

PROS:  The over all sun-kissed looked.  To dark to use as a cheek accent when I swipe my brush over all for colors.

Experiment in the future:  It seemed to fade after a moment even with the skin prefector.  I will def have to try with my MAC face base and the Fix Spray.  




MAC Lip Tint

Pros:  The pigmented color, conditions my lips

Cons:  Texture and sticky def use a lip brush





Kera Care Styling Wax Stick

Pros:  The slicking effect with my weave and texture

Cons:  It pulls out your hair at the roots so be gentle.

Elasta Qp Olive Oil and Mango Butter Moisturizer

Pros:  Texture, smell, hold, moisturizing effects, and totally the shine, sleeking effect.  Love for at night and a dab in the morning.

Cons:  Be careful because it is a moisturizer and to much will give you the wet look.


Remi Hair and Lace Wig Spray

Pros: smell and it does make it easier to comb.

Cons:  Makes my hair look and feel wet if you use to much.  Gives me a sticky feel.





     African Black Soap with Shea Butter and Oil

I bought this product to try since I needed something to help with my skin’s dryness and itching after showers.

Pros:  Texture, Soapiness ( is that even a word ), color is unique, smell, and it doesn’t leave me itchy and I feel clean!  I didn’t itch even if I didn’t apply lotion right away.  Tightness of the skin.

Mixed:  Not sure if it’s the feeling of dryiness or just tightness of the skin.

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