Saturday, January 8, 2011

Baby Shower Blues

One of my co-workers is having a baby girl and of course, I didn’t think about that as I was getting ready and putting on make up so I went with blue eyes.

I love the way this color sparkles when I’m in direct sunlight.  I’m not sure how it looks when I’m inside but the color is amazing so I took a couple of snaps in the car.  ^_^



   ♥ Avon Precision Glimmer Powder Eye Shadow  in Storm ( Over eyelid ) and AVON Big Color Eye Pencil in Bluesmoke #b602 ( used as an upper lid liner above lashes)

  ♥  Avon Supercurlacious Mascara

  ♥ Black Kohl Eye Liner ( Jillian Dempsey)

♥ MAC Studio Fix NC43 ( used to clean up around the eye and to help define the look.)

♥  My favorite blend brush Sephora Rounded Crease #13

♥♥♥ When I reapplied the Glimmer Powder over Big Color pencil it gave that beautiful turquoise look but inside it still looks like a darker line.   One thing I like about the Precision Glimmer is that it comes in a container that resembles liquid eyeliner and has a rounded sponge tip.  So, it goes on smooth like a liquid but in powder form.  That’s why I use the Mac afterwards as a clean up and to help define the look.♥♥♥

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