Thursday, January 20, 2011

1st day of school Look


  Today is the first day of school.  A whole week late but its cool.  I got up extra early and still made it to class early as crap to flat iron my hair and to do some light make up. 

Let me first say – I think I completely understand the whole Jersey Shore Bronzing thing.  I used bronzer all over my face today and it was like a whole new me.  lol but any who hope ya’ll get a good laugh at my face expressions.. I was feeling special in the special moment sense.

I know that I will never again take a break with my semesters.  I felt like I was just learning English all over again.  Once I got back in the classroom it was clear that I missed it so much and my teacher was not going to be easy.


IMAG1156                                         IMAG1157

What Made It TO the List:

FACE:   Avon Magic Base its powder in a tube and Bronzer

EYES: MAC Bare Study eye paint point♥ and Privately pink from my AVON Quad and Kohl Eyeliner and Mascara

LIPS: MAC Lip Tint and Carmex

HAIR:  Kera Care Wax stick for my ends to blend into my weave and Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Butter Moisturizer on the my edges and naps.  I also sprayed my weave the night before with My Remi Hair and Lace Wig Coco Lime Spray.


  1. lol so I must say I love you blog site! Thinking of starting my own.....???? Maybe. Anyway I will be staying tuned you have a regular now lol!!!!


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