Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!



So I hosted a party for myself and my boyfriend’s cousin and we had so much fun!  I have to post the make up I got for my bday later tonight and I will so make sure to post what I used on the face..

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lets Review it baby….


Avon Magix Face Prefector:

Pros:  SPF 20 and slight shimmer it gives my overall face.  Lightness of the feel on my face.  Doesn’t feel like I wearing it.

Cons:  Tough as crap to squeeze out the thumb.  The texture makes it feel like I’m playing in powder which I am.  Not sure if I’m whipping it off as I apply it or maybe it just sucks.



MAC Bare Study Paint Pot

Pros:  The shine and shimmer, coverage, texture, and its so easy to place and it stays!!  LOVE it as a base for my eye shadow.

Cons:  It didn’t come off the back of my hand easily.


Pretty in Purples



Besides thaIMAG1134t fact I look like I need to shave my whole face from all the stray hairs… I love my eye make up.  I know I used one of my avon Precision powders but I can’t remember everything I used but I still wanted to post it.  Thanks for looking and I hope you become a follower.

1st day of school Look


  Today is the first day of school.  A whole week late but its cool.  I got up extra early and still made it to class early as crap to flat iron my hair and to do some light make up. 

Let me first say – I think I completely understand the whole Jersey Shore Bronzing thing.  I used bronzer all over my face today and it was like a whole new me.  lol but any who hope ya’ll get a good laugh at my face expressions.. I was feeling special in the special moment sense.

I know that I will never again take a break with my semesters.  I felt like I was just learning English all over again.  Once I got back in the classroom it was clear that I missed it so much and my teacher was not going to be easy.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Retail Therapy.. Really Works

Until I return home… So, Christina had a talk with Leilani and Jocklene agreed that she needed to get her shit together.  So, with the consults of my alters, we all agreed to go and get a new drivers license which I have to say is the worlds best ID.  Then I head over to get myself some new gym shoes for my birthday.  I took my zumba class and now I’m so can’t wait til 515 to hit up the other one.


Sunday, January 16, 2011


I got off the morning and with the idea in my mind to stay true to the fit side.  I went to a Zumba class right after work.  Amazing is all I have to say.  Its the perfect balance between dance and fitness.  My teacher was totally high energy and she just made everything simple.  If your a dancer you will love Zumba.  There was both men and women in the class and all ages.  I felt like I was in the club but non stop for an hour with just one water break in between and then of course you can break as needed for your water break. 

I will be trying a couple more classes that my gym has to offer now I know how awesome that was. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mark Minis


Cute but so small.  When you buy two you get this cute little connector to go in between the lips or eyes you buy.  For the price and how small these are – I see why they give the connector.


Cosmetics Holder


This is what’s beside my bed.  Only on my side.  I don’t have a nice two drawer night stand like my boyfriend.  No, because this is more convenient for my addiction to just rollover and pull my chap stick out my drawer this is what is on my side of the bed.  My cellphone fits nicely between the Nuvo and Eyeliner cup.  lol  Sad, Yes one day I’ll upgrade to the nice makeup dresser.

Perricone MD I’m in ♥

4180_heroSo, I went to Sephora well a mini version in the Belk in Coastal Grand Mall.  I’m thinking about switching my facial products to see if not being so cheap will bring better results.  For the most part, my face is clear until I get super stressed ( PMS ) or I get to hairy.  After doing my 3 hour research before I actually try to hit up the store ( 3 hours is no joke – I have issues when it comes to decision making ). 

So I got three samples of the Rx Skin Clear Regimen.  Skin Clear Cleanser – $35, Skin Clear Acne Toner – $35, and Skin Clear Hydrator –$55.  Now that is way out of budget that what I would normal spend.  I don’t use a toner as of now but I must say my sample has lasted for a week now and I’m loving the way my skin feels and is looking.  This might be a buy that I might have to go outside the budget for.  The description is so head on right now.

The description for the product:

This regimen is designed to address acne-prone skin from the inside out and the outside in. It helps to clear current breakouts and prevent new ones from surfacing while relieving dryness. It also helps to firm and tone skin to achieve a visibly renewed and healthy appearance.

As anyone else used this product before?

I put the link to Perricone MD @ Sephora in the picture with the crème and breaker.  Just click the picture and it will redirect you to the site.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Baby Shower Blues

One of my co-workers is having a baby girl and of course, I didn’t think about that as I was getting ready and putting on make up so I went with blue eyes.

I love the way this color sparkles when I’m in direct sunlight.  I’m not sure how it looks when I’m inside but the color is amazing so I took a couple of snaps in the car.  ^_^


Friday, January 7, 2011

Mirror, Mirror on the wall who has the most bouncy weave of all..

I Do!  I went for my touch up on my edges to get that slick back baby look and got my weave tightened and since it grew some - I got an additional track sewin in.  Of course, I'm a CURLY Girl and wanted curls so my hair dresser washed my hair, then placed rollers in it and of course I walked out looking like I was about to go and audition for the Rick James video with my big bouncy hair.  I did get it to calm down some since I went to work two days in a row and slept on it.  So, I'll have to see if I can find my picture from my cell of how my hair looked when I got home.  My boyfriend's only comment was thats a lot of hair.  lol which means in boy terms who knows but hey I got my curl and it feels so much thicker and a little heavier.  I will def be asking just for my ends to be curled or bigger rollers next time so the hair is not to big. 

I Did get a A+ for the care of my hair sewin - I just sprayed my Sulfar 8 inbetween my tracks and used the oil when it got bad.  More than likely I won't be using the oil anymore because I didn't like the feel it gave my hair and all the oil made my face breakout.  So, Sulfar 8 spray will do for now.

Hello 2011 - Started with my Grandma's Funeral

New Years Eve morning my grandmother passed and I have been in a dead stop since.  This is my first night back at work and first not with no Patron in my system ^_^..   I hope this feeling gets better and I begin to be myself again.  So, with that said, 2011 is bring in my new apartment that I'm not looking forward to moving into in the morning because I have to return to work to do a 12 hour shift later that night.  Praying for a slow one.  Anyways, I'm truly excited and looking forward to all the wonderful things the new year brings my way..

School starts Monday and I am so Excited!!! I can't wait!


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