Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Movie Night Make up is so…


My boyfriend’s boyfriend.  Yes, that right.  I am in a relationship with a guy who has not one but two boyfriends.  lol  ( FYI: He’s not gay or bi-sexual there just best friends! )So, the other half and I went to meet his boyfriend and his girl at the movies to see The Next Three Days with Russell Crowe ( who happens to be my other boyfriend).  This movie was AWESOME and gets a rating of 5 Lei’s.  The clips they show on TV does not do the movie justice. I attached the trailer for anyone who might be interested in seeing the trailer for the movie.

Trailer for The Next Three Days






   What did I use?

I didn’t use anything but my moisturizer on my face.  I did my two colors of coral and little tan from my Sephora Palette on my eyes with my black kohl eye liner by Jillian Dempsey with my Supercurlacious mascara on top of earlier that day mascara, lol ( which made them think which is crazy to take off).  I used my Limited Edition Beaming Berry Avon lip stick which is now my favorite just because of the pop and go wand it comes in. 

         IMAG0968                IMAG0972IMAG0974            IMAG0967

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