Monday, December 27, 2010

Mele Kalikimaka & Road Trippin for the holidays

I enjoyed my time with my family and the boyfriend’s family this xmas.  I must say that this was a great xmas and I’m happy for the happy moments and laughter and tiny argument.  Smile IMAG1007We ate huge at his Aunts house the night before ( that is where we took our cute xmas picture) .  It was awesome being around his family and laughing and drinking ( special sweet tea).  Then we rode to my mother’s house the day of Christmas for some good old fashion country bbq hog on the grill.  The boyfriend was disappointed that the Hog didn’t have the head or feet still.  SmileHe got to meet my aunt and uncle and my other grandma ( My dad’s mother).  He already met my mother’s mom twice but like always when we go see her – I tell her that I got her a man and she just smiles and laughs.   Later that evening we ended up at his sister’s house with his parents, his brother, and kids.  I really enjoyed myself there especially with Tia’s Mac and Cheese and the cake!  Its soooo good.  I really hated to go to work that night after all that but hey I got stuff to take care of.  I can’t wait for next year and future holidays.  I’m really liking my current relationship.

OH yeah – I got two gift cards, a pair of those cozy socks that are extremely soft, an outfit, my weave done.  He got a gift card, socks, undies, and a men’s body set, and LV sneakers. 

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