Monday, December 6, 2010

Calming & Running with a Bull


So I picked this up a while ago on a haul from Icing which is like a Old version of the little girls store called Claire's.  My little sister went to explore the many wonders of Claire's and I hit up Icing.  So, I have here is a dull Gray.  There is no names on their polishes.  So, you just go with whatever color you liked.  It came in a multi pack of 4 other colors.  So, I will def. have to show case them. 

Coating:   Just 1 is enough ( the pigment is thick and amazing).

Pigment:  Dull Gray

Application:  Was easy but quick drying.  This was the easiest to apply polish in a while because of the thickness of the polish. 

Cost: 5 in a pack for 6.00  Great!

“ Ballin on a Budget! ”




Today I literally went running with a bull.  Her name is Roxy and

what can I say – I’m in love.  My boyfriend has two pit bulls – mom and baby.  I renamed them of course Scooby and Scooby’s mom.  I took her to get washed then we spent girl time to day.  It was nice having a pet to do things with and spend time with me.  She was so sweet and loving and she is so well-behaved.  When we was running she looked at me like are you okay?  I think she heard my heavy breathing.  I have to upload the video its so funny.IMAG0933IMAG0941IMAG0937

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