Monday, December 27, 2010

Mele Kalikimaka & Road Trippin for the holidays

I enjoyed my time with my family and the boyfriend’s family this xmas.  I must say that this was a great xmas and I’m happy for the happy moments and laughter and tiny argument.  Smile IMAG1007We ate huge at his Aunts house the night before ( that is where we took our cute xmas picture) .  It was awesome being around his family and laughing and drinking ( special sweet tea).  Then we rode to my mother’s house the day of Christmas for some good old fashion country bbq hog on the grill.  The boyfriend was disappointed that the Hog didn’t have the head or feet still.  SmileHe got to meet my aunt and uncle and my other grandma ( My dad’s mother).  He already met my mother’s mom twice but like always when we go see her – I tell her that I got her a man and she just smiles and laughs.   Later that evening we ended up at his sister’s house with his parents, his brother, and kids.  I really enjoyed myself there especially with Tia’s Mac and Cheese and the cake!  Its soooo good.  I really hated to go to work that night after all that but hey I got stuff to take care of.  I can’t wait for next year and future holidays.  I’m really liking my current relationship.

OH yeah – I got two gift cards, a pair of those cozy socks that are extremely soft, an outfit, my weave done.  He got a gift card, socks, undies, and a men’s body set, and LV sneakers. 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Hello Kitty Bitch

So, Mr. Yellow Care Bear and I happened to be shopping in Target and what do we come across.  Hello Kitty Kitchen and Bedroom stuff.  Even though it was one end cap.  I was still in Heaven for a brief 15 minutes before I had to make a quick slightly long decision it was either the Hello Kitty Sandwich Maker or the Hello Kitty Lighted Make Up Mirror.. and guess which one I choose….  Every girl needs one but I just happen to love HELLO KITTY.

Oil me Baby!

So, of course I was talking about the Hair itching like crazy and I couldn’t figure out how to get to it.  The Yellow Care Bear told me to of course, DUHH use his oil.  He has dreads and I oil his hair on a regular and I never thought to use his oil in between my sewin and braids.  Its 4.99 and it’s a huge bottle.  The only downside is because I don’t know how to use a little.  It made my weave a little oil and weighted but the feeling does disappear after two days of styling and sleeping… ^_^


Slick it really Good!

So let me introduce the magic stick of weaves.  This little wonder not only gives the fresh relaxed look but for all those who are like myself in denial that I still have baby hairs.  Yeah, it slicks those down without flaking and drying.  It is amazing for helping blend your hair with your fab weaves.  Of course because I’m a fake it but make it look good girl.  I totally recommend

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wrap me in Plastic to melt it away


Someone will think I’m crazy for this but I carry a roll of plastic wrap with me to the gym because of this urban myth I heard of.  So, one of my old co-workers once told me to wrap myself in cling wrap to help with dropping the pounds.  Of course, I am willing to try anything once and I will say that there is a huge amount of sweat that comes out just underneath the wrap so is it helping.  I don’t know.  I did it three times but I just upgraded my membership at the gym so we will see.  what happens – when I start hitting the sauna after my workouts.

Car Skeleton Grave Yard

So, guess who got to take a romantic trip to the junk yard to search for a part for her truck.  I did.  I didn’t know that a junk yard was like this.  Super organized.  I thought you just go and ask them for a part and they had it in stock somewhere.  Guess I was wrong.  I did though make sure I was cute and cozy for the part picking and of course we didn’t get the part because all of them was taken.IMAG0990IMAG0991

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

This thing is Itching!!

So, I was not expecting my hair to itch this bad with this sew in.  So, I’ve been using the pointed end of my comb but I think I made a huge mistake and oiled my scalp between the sewin.  I didn’t do a lot but my hair now feels a bit oiler.  Any advice please let me know on how you deal with the itching.  Of course I put some grease in the front because my hair is out in the front, around the ends, and the back.

Movie Night Make up is so…


My boyfriend’s boyfriend.  Yes, that right.  I am in a relationship with a guy who has not one but two boyfriends.  lol  ( FYI: He’s not gay or bi-sexual there just best friends! )So, the other half and I went to meet his boyfriend and his girl at the movies to see The Next Three Days with Russell Crowe ( who happens to be my other boyfriend).  This movie was AWESOME and gets a rating of 5 Lei’s.  The clips they show on TV does not do the movie justice. I attached the trailer for anyone who might be interested in seeing the trailer for the movie.

Trailer for The Next Three Days






Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I’m in love with a Sew-in


  Mrs. Donna is AMAZING!!!

Earth Angel Beauty Salon

Danna Lighty Owner/Stylist


2821 Ashland, Suite F Columbia, SC

Monday, December 6, 2010

Calming & Running with a Bull


So I picked this up a while ago on a haul from Icing which is like a Old version of the little girls store called Claire's.  My little sister went to explore the many wonders of Claire's and I hit up Icing.  So, I have here is a dull Gray.  There is no names on their polishes.  So, you just go with whatever color you liked.  It came in a multi pack of 4 other colors.  So, I will def. have to show case them. 

Coating:   Just 1 is enough ( the pigment is thick and amazing).

Pigment:  Dull Gray

Application:  Was easy but quick drying.  This was the easiest to apply polish in a while because of the thickness of the polish. 

Cost: 5 in a pack for 6.00  Great!

“ Ballin on a Budget! ”




Today I literally went running with a bull.  Her name is Roxy and

Guess Who's getting a Black Girl Weave

Yes!  ME!  I am excited to be getting my frist ever black girl weave.  Yes, I'm a clip in remi hair girl.  I clip them in and then take them out.  I did a prior post on my clip in hair extensions when I bought them after my hair got cut off.  I was going through long hair withdrawal. :(  So, Tuesday at 9:00 am I will be going through my long hair transformation... I will be getting a sew-in with 12 and 14 in remi 1B hair.  I am so freakin excited.  IMAG0948IMAG0949

I know I looked crazy in the shop playing with the hair and touching it and then holding it to my head.  The girl at the counter was so patient with me and didn't not once seem to hurry me.  I'm pretty sure it was clear I was new to the black girl weave game.  Of course, I will have a picture up to show the before and after.  Like I said in my prior post.  I wear my white knit cap over my fuzzy hair since I knew the hair dresser was around the corner.  I can't wait!!!  You won't be able to tell me anything when I get this hair of mine relaxed and weaved up!  Leirrific..

Last Alcoholic Friday of the Year!

What a success!  The part of course.  I was doing my make up and the last party I got was of course the base.  Then everyone started showing up.  Like always Lei fashion.. I'm tardy for my own party.  So here is a picture of my eye, lol..
I totally was going to do a purple smokey look but of course all you will see is what is here in the following picture.  I must say that is a nice arch and I have a nice set of lashes ( no additional needed here).  I must say that is the benefit of being a hairy girl.  Please pay no attention to my hair.  I am in need of a relaxer ASAP and I washed my hair and just tied it back until I placed the white cap on top of it. 


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