Thursday, November 11, 2010

Prenatal Vitamin - Great for your Skin and Hair - Well See?

Crazy right and of course, I would have to try it.  I bought my vitamins from Walmart for about 11 or so dollars. I'm not pregnant but I do want to see if it is true that Prenatal Vitamins are good for your skin and hair.  Alot of pregnant people take them of course, duh and a majority always have beautiful skin and hair. 

I am hoping to enhance my hair growth and also help with my breakage and dryness.  I hope that it will help with the balance in my skin and help me have a more healthy glow.  Now, if it makes me start gaining weight I may stop.. So, we will see. 

Some of my friends say it will make me eat more and I haven't had the cravings yet.  I'm pretty sure the Quick Trim has something to do with that.

So far you only take two a day and if anyone has any advice on which ones are better I am all up for it.  If anyone also decides to do this with me please make sure to protect yourself with condoms, birth control or whatever because I don't want you to get pregnant following me.  lol 

Well see if there is any results from this crazy experiment of mine...  Make sure to check up on my daily consumer watch page... ^_^  happy getting fit and fab...

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