Sunday, November 28, 2010

Portion that might work


So of course, this sudden stroke of Genius came upon me at work.  Why not use my old cereal container as portion control.  First check out that

<------ ( Hey I’m so smart look). 

So, because we’re doing the poor man’s diet which is eating whatever in the house.  How simple is this diet, lol.  I decided to keep my old cereal container at work so when my co-workers bring in food for everyone to snack.  I can only have what fills this container and not a whole plate.  I will say to day I tested my theory.  While everyone else was filling plates.  I just filled my container of love which only holds 2.1 oz. 

I’m a snacker but an unhealthy snacker so well see how this works.  Hope some others can get some use out of this simple but convenient way not to over eat at work.

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