Friday, November 12, 2010

Mental Trick to get me going to the gym

So, I have a non-contract with Gold Gym and I'm taking full advantage of my 19.99 monthly fee.  I am determined to make sure I do my cardio and weights at least 4 to 5 times a week.  I am now exploring the use of the Sauna.  I'm not exactly how sure I am of how long I will need to be in there but I will def google it to see what the benefits will be.  I've been working extra hours at work this week and i'm totally happy that I did go to the gym this week at least three times.  Working 12 hour nights is hard on its on but making sure I get in the gym to do at least cardio and some weights either on a certain area.  Well that has been a challenge sometimes... So, for extra motivation and to help me be positive about going even when my feet hurt.  I take my gym clothes to work and I change into them before I go.  So, far the act of putting these clothes on and walking out of work with them has made me take the initiative to actually go to the gym... Go mental trick right.

SO, far I've been getting some extra hard sleep since I've been doing this and falling to sleep quicker.

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