Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kardashian Diet

So of course, I was a Hydroxycut Girl the Vegi Caps but I wanted to try something different from the Hydrox.  It seemed as if every time I took the 4 caps daily like directed.  I always felt more swollen and bloated even with all that water intake.  I of course have a body magic which I wear depending on where I'm going but sometimes I would put it on and it seemed to work great and sometimes it would feel like I'm stuffing myself and can barely breathe, eat, or sit. 

So, I started Quick Trim on 11/10/2010 - I bought it after working a 12 hour shift and wanted to try it at the Gym.  So, far I love this way better than the Hydroxcut Acai Vegi-Caps.
Pros for me with this product of day one:
  • NO extreme heart rate when I was on the cardio machine! ( Hydroxycut had me probably in the stroke range)
  • NO Bloating!
  • Way user friendly!  2 before breakfast or working out with a 8 oz glass of water then another 2 pills between lunch and dinner with another 8 oz glass of water.  ( The standard bottle of Dasani water is 20 ozs I drank a bottle when I went to the gym and had three glasses of water with it when we went to lunch after work)
  • Carrying Friendly!  - No bottle you get 4 sheets of 15 pills way better carrying around in your purse.  I even labeled mine so I know if I took my 4 for the day and won't over take it.  I'll have pictures of it uploaded this morning when I get off of call.
  • No staying awake or restless sleep.
  • I did get the warming feeling like they described but it didn't bother me.
  • I love the little flier that came it that kind of gave you an example of what to eat and describe what exercises would burn how many calories and a little nutrition basic.  It wasn't to much but just the right amount of information so you could glance it and not get bored.
Cons for me with this product:
  • It didn't give the energy like the Hydroxcut but I still felt motivated to work out.
  • It made my poop kind of hard to push out ( lol TMI right)
Now if this product actually helps me lose weight and help tighten my body will be the good question.  I will keep a online journey with this product and hopefully we'll see some results.  Check out my belly in the before pictures I snapped at the gym this morning.

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