Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Sometimes I get going go with blogger then I just drift off.  Yes, I'm one of those people who starts projects and I'm trucking along for a good week or so then yeah.  I stop then a couple weeks later.  I pick up from where I left of.  So, what's new in the interesting life of a not-so-normal chick.

I'm still on my wait lost journey.  Of course, I feel off with that and now I'm back on it. 

It took me two months and viewing about 15 to 20 apartments to realize.  You know - I'm just to lazy to move right now and of course, I had Donnovan in my left ear telling me I need to make my damn, mind up about something.  SO, sweet. 

I got a new couch set thanks to Donnovan's uncle that just relocated from Atlanta (ATL for my southern folks and wannabes).  So, no more trying to fit 10 people on a two seater ( YES!!!) 

I kind of drifted off with the Alcoholic Fridays and I might need to start that again.  Its just one failed party and one success and working 12 hour nights just wasn't working for me.  But hey at least we had fun..

I still want a dog or something to talk to because i'm lonely and I know someone blocks me out after about 5 minutes of talking and just pretends like he cares about what I'm saying.

Oh, I started back at the gym and I decide to try and go at least 5 days a week including Sundays if I must.  I also am trying to cook more than go out to eat which is harder than it sounds because I would die for Olive Garden.  Why the Garden as we call it you ask.. Because its so fucking good. 

Oh, yeah - I started searching for girls to represent doing PR work and I'm so excited about that.  I just got hired to bartend a 40th birthday party and I'm kind of looking forward to that.  I also am working on a couple of ventures but of course - 20 things at once and my ADD only last for a couple of days with each project so yeah... Need some help to be pushed..  :) 

I'm still working my 12 hours at the hospital and still pulling my extra shifts to make that over time money!  ( Ballin Broke )...  Also, hey I'm actually trying to take better care of myself as far as eating right and being great to my skin.

I did lose some weight which I am proud of myself.  I went from 189 to 180 to 185... Of course, muscle weights more than fat so no more evil scale.. Just hoping to go by inches now.  So, enjoy my new found loves and I hope that I will be a support system for some other females out there who aren't afraid to blast their fat online... 


Wrapped my hair after I got out of the gym and worked a 12 hour last night.  Why am I not asleep?

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